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The Top 10 Things To Do After A Car Accident

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Car Accidents |

A motor vehicle collision can be a disorienting experience. Individuals with a clear plan often have an easier time mitigating the consequences of a significant car wreck.

The exact needs of an individual involved in a crash will depend on details about the situation. However, most drivers will want to follow the 10 steps noted below.

Check on vehicle occupants

People generally have an obligation to check on the people in the other vehicle as well as their own passengers for signs of injury.

Document the scene of the crash

The placement of the vehicles and the location of debris can be important details. People need to take a few minutes to capture pictures or video footage of the vehicles, including wide-angle images or video that show the scene and the location of the vehicles clearly.

Move the vehicles

Disabled vehicles can impede the flow of traffic and might cause secondary collisions. People generally need to move their vehicles for their own safety and the convenience of others after a wreck.

Exchange information

Taking pictures of someone’s driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance cards can help identify the other driver and speed up the insurance claim process.

Notify local authorities

There needs to be an official record of the collision for someone to seek insurance coverage or file a lawsuit. A police report can also help establish that one of the drivers is likely to blame for the wreck.

Make notes of crucial details

Either by recording a video of personal testimony or writing down a few notes, someone involved in a crash will want to preserve as much information as they can recall about the moments leading up to the crash before their memory fades.

Talk clearly with police officers

Many people are reticent to lay the blame on the other driver after a serious car crash. The more detail someone can provide an officer, the better their chances of reaching an appropriate conclusion to the investigation.

Seek medical evaluation

The average person could overlook very serious injuries, including stable spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Those issues may get worse with time. A delayed diagnosis can make it harder for someone to obtain appropriate compensation.

Consult with an attorney

People may need to file a large insurance claim or prepare for a personal injury lawsuit after a crash. Trying to handle those challenges while simultaneously coping with a serious injury might be too demanding for an individual to manage.

Notify insurance providers

Both insurance companies need to know about the crash and about the likelihood of a major claim. People should take care to avoid admitting fault when talking with insurance professionals.

Keep thorough records

Documentation of everything from repair costs to lost shifts at work can help people prove the need for compensation after a wreck.

Taking the right steps after a car crash can improve someone’s chances of obtaining a favorable outcome after that wreck.