Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Protect Yourself During Your Insurance Claims

Here in Florida, we are one of the few states that manages to get affected by hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires and even earthquakes. There is no telling what may come to threaten you or your home, but when the time comes, you may be surprised how your insurance responds. Even people who have never missed a payment for their insurance for decades can see their insurance do everything they can to avoid paying you what you deserve.

Here at The Founders Law, we know how it can feel for a lifelong ally of yours to turn their back on you when you need them most; thankfully, we can help you hold them to fulfill their duties. We have been representing clients against their insurance companies for years, and we know how to hold them accountable.

Do Not Settle For Less With Insurance

What most insurance companies will not tell you is that you have the ability to reject their initial decision and compensation offer, and negotiate for compensation that better suits your best interests. Insurance companies often look to either end things before you get an attorney on board, or draw things out to the point where you cannot wait for a settlement any longer, and accept what they want to give you.

Whether you are dealing with your long-term insurance or an at-fault party’s insurer, we can represent your need with experience and confidence. We know what it takes to bring you the best possible outcome in your case, and it is always our goal to do exactly that.

Let Us Handle Insurers For You

Insurance companies have built their businesses on saving as much money as they can in their claims. With so much experience standing against you, it would be foolish to approach this matter without a dedicated Florida lawyer to lead you through this mess. If you need help in your insurance claim case, contact us by calling our Miami Lakes office at 866-209-1534 or by emailing us here today.