Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Protect Yourself After Any Personal Injury

Personal injuries come in many sizes. From a small slip and fall to a catastrophic injury, any type of injury stands to threaten your health, financial stability and your future. Many times, victims of personal injuries hear that they do not need an attorney to help them get compensation. At The Founders Law, we want you to know that without an experienced Florida lawyer, you could lose out on considerable compensation by simply accepting the first offer you receive.

What We Can Help You Recover From

No one has much prior experience or knowledge about a personal injury, much less how to navigate one. Our team has extensive experience in all forms of personal injury, including:

These cases cost you more than just medical bills, especially for injured pedestrians. The time you spend recovering will likely keep you from working, costing you lost income. You might also have to have medical equipment installed in your home, or physical therapy to attend, costing you in forms of medical needs that your insurance may not cover.

We Take On Insurance Companies For You

Unfortunately, even if you were a 30-year client of an insurance company, and never missed a payment, that does not mean your insurance will simply pay you a fair compensation. Insurance companies are still a business, so whether you are talking about your insurance or theirs, it is likely they will try to pay you as little as possible to make your problem go away. We let you focus on your recovery while we handle the negotiation and litigation for your best possible compensation and answer your questions along the way.

Let Our Team Protect Your Future

Do not let anyone pressure you into going through your personal injury alone. You deserve to be able to fight for your compensation, and you deserve to have an attorney you can depend on to do it. Contact our Miami Lakes office by calling us at 866-209-1534 or by emailing us here. Act today to schedule your initial consultation with an attorney you can trust to fight for you.