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Kelly Dominguez



Born and raised in South Florida, Attorney Kelly Dominguez has been fighting for the innocent throughout her collegiate and professional career. Shortly after graduating Florida International University with a Bachelors of Science, Mrs. Dominguez continued her dream to expand her degree in the legal field at Nova Shepard Board College of Law.

While in law school, Mrs. Dominguez worked alongside her husband, Attorney Robert Dominguez, as they built the foundation to which their personal injury law firm has expanded on. Not to mention, all while graduating Magna Cum Lade of NSU Shepard School of Law and achieving top scores of the Florida Bar Licensure exam of her graduating class.

Mrs. Dominguez grit and dedication to her clients has been one of the driving forces in whether shes represents multi-millions dollar companies in complicated commercial litigation matters or she vigorously fights to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for those whom have been victim to the negligence of others.

Undoubtedly, Mrs. Dominguez’s experience in high value personal injury claims and personal injury protections medical claims bring another level of precision in ensuring cases are rightfully resolved. Today, Mrs. Dominguez continues to oversee all Pre-Litigation matters of the personal injury department to ensure that all clients get aggressively represented for their injuries.

Mrs. Dominguez is fluent in English and Spanish and licensed to practice in the state of Florida.