Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.


“Robert and the whole staff at the founders law are incredible. They immediately made me feel comfortable that I made the right choice after hiring a bad attorney who did not care. Robert was the exact opposite and fought for me as bad as I wanted to myself. The whole staff went above and beyond to get me compensation from my car accident. They never made me feel like it was just another check for them like most attorneys would and kept me updated every week or so often instead of letting me wonder. Words can not express how thankful I am for the founders law.”

– Caleb Osorio

“Y’all looking for great work, update status constantly, outstanding service and very outgoing person hit Call in and ask for KELLY DOMINGUEZ! She did an awesome job with me went above and beyond for the better 100% RECOMEND! Trust wont be disappointed. Love 🤙🏽”

– Nelson Velez

“I am very grateful for the help I always receive from the Founders law ,Since 2 years ago I have needed their services and as always the service exceeds my expectations. At any time I need them they are always available to help quickly and a high level of professionalism.”

– Surelys Delgado

“Founders Law represented my boyfriend, J Taylor. They were very responsive and professional. I would definitely recommend to friends and family. Great job!!”

– Katrina C.

“Great law firm. Everyone there was so caring and responsive about my case. In and out as quickly as possible and feeling much better now. Thank you!”

– Lucas Lopez

“Great law firm gray service. Guided me in the right direction throughout the whole process from the beginning to the end. Recommend them 100%”

– Jason Spinning

“The founders law team, was very helpful & attentive through out the whole process. Very reliable law firm, with top notch employees like Jorge & Maria, both have good work ethic & very professional. Highly recommend working with them.”

– Christopher Miranda

“I thought having a car accident was gonna be a headache… and I was right it was! Luckily Robert and everyone at the firm were the aspirins you can’t buy at the store. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Recommend 100%”

– Asset CapitalFx

“The Founder Law Team was very Professional and Responsive when it’s came to my case and settlement. The Team did a great job on helping and answering every question during my case. I Highly recommend the Founder Law Team. Great Job Guys!!”

– Felix Camacho

“Very professional and thorough service. I admire their personal attention to my case.”

– Pauline Walters

“Robert and Kelly are phenomenal attorneys. Very knowledgable and kind. Very honest and dedicated. They will fight tooth and nail for your case, from the start to mediation, and if need be, in the courtroom. The staff is outstanding, from Maria to Jorge and Sujey, they know they’re stuff and work hard to win your case.”

– Michael Raul Lopez

“Very responsive and very helpful. Thank you for helping me and my family with our case”

– Quantavia Brini

“Jorge made sure my cases were taken care of…and in good hands. Thanks everyone at founders Law for great teanwork🙂👍”

– Paula

“Very helpful got me the Medical attention I needed after my accident 10/10 for me !!”

– Julian Cancel

“WOW this place have great people fast and loyal Thank you soo much will defiantly refer you!”

– Alex Mack