Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Hold Reckless Behavior Accountable After A Wrongful Death

When you lose a loved one, it’s never easy. It is especially difficult when mistakes were made that could have been avoided or properly dealt with. You cannot put a price on a loved one, but we at The Founders Law can help you recover from your loss. We know how hard these cases can be on you emotionally, which is why we act as your representation as much as possible in your case. Our attorneys are compassionate, approachable and here to protect your best interests.

You Deserve Compensation For Your Loss

When the untimely loss of a loved one happens, your entire world flips over. People suffer in different ways. For some, it can affect your education, your family or your job. This can cause you to suffer lost wages, as well as lost assets such as losing a semester of college tuition due to the inability to study.

When your lost one was also a breadwinner, things can become especially devastating for you. The lost income and other benefits a spouse would have provided can cost you for the rest of your life. We can help you pursue compensation for these benefits, to help you carry on after the loss of your loved one.

We Will Fight For You When You Need It Most

In wrongful death cases, it is not always about getting money. It is about holding those responsible for your loss to justice. The at-fault party should be held accountable, whether it was a negligent driver, a negligent medical professional or any other type of negligent individual or entity. Let us fight on your behalf for your fair compensation.

If you have lost a loved one as the result of someone’s negligent or reckless behavior, choose a compassionate Florida lawyer you can trust to fight for your best possible outcome. Contact us at our Miami Lakes office by calling 866-209-1534 or by emailing us here. The sooner we start your case, the sooner we can come to a resolution, so schedule your initial consultation today.