Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Helping Injured Pedestrians Seek Justice

When a reckless driver fails to notice a pedestrian, the consequences for the driver can pale in comparison to the damage they have caused the pedestrian. The injuries and long-term consequences of a pedestrian accident can leave a victim with a lifetime of complications and pain, and it is only fair that they receive compensation that accurately reflects the current and future impact of their injuries.

At The Founders Law, P.A., we take pride in helping clients in Texas and Florida with their personal injury claims. We understand the severity of these accidents and how to pursue a settlement that our clients deserve in as little time as possible.

Seeking Serious Compensation For Serious Injuries

Immediately after an accident, insurance companies often work fast to offer you a settlement for your injuries. This may seem like a blessing, but it is more likely they are trying to minimize the size of your compensation by offering a lowball payment without lawyers present. Instead of settling for a check that pays just the upfront costs of your injuries, we can help you seek an outcome that considers the long-term costs, including:

  • Loss of earning potential
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Relocation or renovation costs
  • Physical and emotional therapy
  • Future surgeries

An accident at a crosswalk, parking lot, or in your own neighborhood can change your life forever. When someone else is responsible for these life-changing injuries, let us help you hold them accountable for their actions.

Start Your Claim Today

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