Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

A Slip Needs A Big Defense

Slip-and-fall cases are a unique type of a personal injury case. While most personal injuries have a very obvious outward appearance, making them easier for others to identify as a serious injury. Slips, on the other hand, can seem almost harmless, while still being disastrous to your health. Here at The Founders Law, we know what is at stake in a slip and fall accident, and we can help you get the best possible recovery from it.

Our Florida team can help you through all aspects of a slip-and-fall case, which might be more than you would expect. A case starts from the instant the accident occurred, which means you need a dedicated lawyer as soon as possible to represent you. We know what you should expect, and we know how to take it on.

What To Expect From A Slip-And-Fall Case

There is a lot to be done in a slip-and-fall case, one of the biggest steps is to establish liability. Whether your slip came from a neglected spill in a store, an unmaintained sidewalk or even a loose handrail, your injury can take a serious toll on your health and your future. This is why it is so important to determine who the liable party is for your accident, so we can pursue the correct party for the compensation you need to recover.

Once we know who is liable, we can take action to retrieve the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. We have extensive experience in negotiation and litigation, which means that we can represent you on both fronts. If the at-fault party’s insurer offers compensation, we can negotiate for one that is worthy of what you experienced. If we cannot meet an amount of compensation you can accept, then we will take your case to court, and see things through to the end.

Put Your Future In Our Hands

Even a slip and fall can take a lot from you. A broken leg, hip or wrist can take weeks or more to recover, costing you in medical bills, prescriptions, physical therapy and lost wages. Let us fight for the compensation you deserve that covers as much as your loss as possible. We will be by your side every step of the way.

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