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When your family’s primary wage earner dies in a tragic crash

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2022 | Car Accidents |

It has become very common in recent years for both spouses in a family to work gainful jobs. Two incomes can mean a broader safety net and a more comfortable standard of living. Even if there are small children at home, having two people working can improve the family’s financial resiliency.

Still, it is common for one adult in the family unit to earn far more than the other adult does, possibly because they focus on their career more than the family. If your family were to lose the income of the primary wage earner, it would cause stressful changes.

Any car crash that results in a loss of life will be tragic for the surviving members of that family, but losing the primary wage earner for your household can be a particularly difficult experience. Can the civil courts help your family members adjust to life after the death of their main source of financial support?

Florida permits wrongful death lawsuits

In theory, you can make a claim against the insurance carried by the driver who caused the crash. In practice, many drivers carry the least amount of coverage they legally can, and some people have no insurance at all.

You frankly cannot expect liability insurance to fully cover a lifetime of lost wages. Instead, your family may need to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Florida state law allows you to request compensation for all of the economic losses the collision causes. You can ask for hospital bills, funeral expenses and years of wages, as well as benefits, lost inheritance and even lost services around your family home.

When is a wrongful death lawsuit possible?

To pursue a wrongful death claim, your family typically needs evidence showing that a business or individual caused the fatal crash through negligence or misconduct. You also need to have verifiable losses because of your loved one’s death, which could include their wages and their work around your home. A successful wrongful death claim will result in financial compensation and the courts declaring the other party responsible for your loved one’s death.

Learning more about wrongful death claims in Florida will help those coming to terms with a recent family tragedy.