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3 tips to help you stay safe while cruising the high seas

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Cruise ship accidents |

Vacations sometimes turn out to be more stressful than relaxing. Between travel arrangements and organizing food for everyone, there could be a lot of work involved in the ideal family or couple’s vacation. Cruises are the perfect solution to all of that vacation-related stress.

You only have to arrange travel to the port of departure and back home again. You travel to each of the special destinations during the cruise without needing to drive, and all of your meals will be the responsibility of the cruise line employees.

You can enjoy multiple exciting, scenic destinations without spending any time trying to navigate a city you don’t know in a rental car. Unfortunately, there are risks that come with cruise line vacations. The three tips below can help you stay a little safer on your next maritime trip.

Pack footwear for stability, not just fashion

For some people, time on a cruise ship is an opportunity to present their best selves to the other passengers. They do their hair and makeup every day and also wear gorgeous, even designer clothing. For women in particular, fashion may come at the expense of their safety.

According to a statistical analysis looking at three years of reported injuries on cruises, slips, trips and falls cause almost 45% of reported injuries. The researchers also note that women are more likely than men to get hurt. Packing shoes with good grip could help you avoid a fall that hurts you and ruins your vacation.

Know your limits with alcohol

Some of the most tragic scenarios involving cruise ships are the result of people overindulging. Drunk passengers could tip over a railing or even intentionally harm themselves because of the intense emotions that might arise due to excessive alcohol consumption.

With many cruise lines offering all-inclusive packages, there is plenty of incentive for you to drink a little more than you know you should. Pacing yourself and drinking with others could help you avoid getting hurt because of overindulgence.

Recognize the risk of crime

The sad truth is that not everyone on a cruise ship is there just to have fun. Some people may try to take advantage of those who have had too much to drink or who won’t be in their cabin for hours at a time. Both assault and theft offenses are common issues on cruise ships. Being aware of your surroundings and traveling with people you trust can reduce your risk of being a crime victim on the high seas.

The sad truth is that even though you take every reasonable step to protect yourself, things can still go wrong because of poor vessel design or inadequate maintenance and staffing. Holding cruise lines accountable for the injuries you suffered may require a complex insurance claim or possibly a personal injury lawsuit.