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Conditions that can cause slip-and-fall accidents

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Slip-and-fall accidents are some of the most common forms of personal injury accidents. Across Miami, residents catch themselves falling off steps and curbs, tripping over roots and rugs, and sliding on slick surfaces both indoors and out. Despite the regularity with which the happen, slip-and-fall accidents can be painful and costly.

Victims of slip-and-fall accidents often have options for seeking their damages from the parties that cause their injuries. When a victim is ready to learn more about their rights, they can contact their trusted personal injury attorney. This post does not offer any advice or guidance to its readers.

Indoor conditions that can cause slip-and-fall accidents

Despite the beautiful weather that Miami residents enjoy all year round, many people spend large portions of their days indoors. Whether working at home or at their offices, in restaurants or shops, there are many hazards that can cause individuals to lose their footing and fall. Some may include:

  • Loose carpeting or uneven flooring on flat and step surfaces
  • Wet conditions such as from water spills
  • Debris in hallways and rooms that create hazards
  • Poor lighting that prevents victims from seeing where they are stepping
  • Unsecured power cords or cables

Indoor falls happen and can result in serious injuries to those who experience them.

Outdoor conditions that can lead to slip-and-fall trauma

Many of the dangers that afflict indoor spaces and cause individuals to fall are also present outside. Stairs and walkways can be uneven or cluttered with debris, and insufficient lights can leave victims sprawled out in parking lots or sidewalks. Outdoor spaces suffer from unique hazards, however, that can include loose rocks and gravel, tree roots and uneven ground, poorly constructed patios and outdoor spaces, and others.

After a dangerous slip-and-fall accident it can be difficult for a victim to know what to do. They can always choose to protect their interests and rights by learning about legal options from local personal injury attorneys.