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Avoid These Easy-To-Make Car Insurance Mistakes

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Car Accidents |

No one enjoys getting into a car accident. Accidents risk severe injury and expensive damage to your vehicle. For many Floridians, a bad car accident could prevent them from working as they wait for repairs. If you depend on your car for work, knowing how to file a clear insurance claim free of errors is essential.

Filing an insurance claim with errors is a costly mistake. Errors can cause an insurance company to deny coverage, raise premiums or drop the policy altogether. What are the top five car insurance mistakes people make?

Top 5 costly claim errors

The following mistakes could prevent your car insurance company from covering your accident:

  1. Early claims: Some accidents seem less severe than they are. After an accident, you may not feel injured and your car might work fine, but a doctor or mechanic could say otherwise. Do not file a claim without getting yourself and your car examined by experts. The insurance company may deny additional coverage after accepting the less-severe claim.
  2. Minor claims: Some accidents are not severe and cause little damage. After seeing the doctor and mechanic, you might want to avoid filing a claim. If the total in damages is lower than your deductible, you will not receive coverage, and the insurance company might raise your premiums.
  3. False claims: Sometimes, the driver at fault might file an insurance claim with misleading information. Do not try to blame the other driver through an insurance claim. An adjuster will collect all relevant information and likely find the truth — lying on a claim could result in fraud charges.
  4. Lack of evidence: Filing a claim without evidence could compromise coverage. After the accident, take photos of the scene, damage, nearby traffic signs, weather, road conditions, and injuries. Make sure to include a complete list of all damaged property inside the car and aftermarket additions.
  5. Too much info: After filing, an adjuster will likely contact you to ask some questions. Be honest and concise with your answers and do not over-explain, admit fault or apologize. If the adjuster asks how you feel, refer them to your doctor. Admitting fault or claiming you feel fine may compromise the entire claim.

A lawyer can answer your car insurance questions

Many people find success in filing a clear and comprehensive claim by working with a local attorney familiar with Florida’s car insurance laws. A lawyer can work with insurance adjusters, sort through dense policy paperwork and secure the coverage you need.