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What are some steps to take after a cruise ship accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2020 | Cruise ship accidents |

Going on board a cruise ship should be a time of fun and relaxation. Still, you should prepare for the possibility that you might get hurt during the cruise. While you may never experience a cruise ship accident, it is important to act to preserve your health and your rights in the event you do suffer bodily injury while on the seas. 

Because of the isolation of being on a cruise ship, you may need to be more proactive if you slip and fall or if some accident inflicts injury on you. USA Today explains some steps you may take after you suffer an accident on board a cruise ship. 

Gather information 

Your immediate priority is to stabilize your health and seek medical attention if you require it. Following that, you should do what you can to document your accident. This includes taking pictures or video of the location on the boat where you sustained your injury. If you cannot do it, ask someone else to handle it for you. Also ask for a copy of your medical report if you received medical attention on the boat. 

Choose your port 

Your medical condition may be serious enough that you consider leaving the ship. Generally, a cruise ship will accommodate a patient by depositing the person at the next available port. Pay attention to where your ship is going, however. You might have no problem if the port is in the United States, but if the next destination lies in another country, you might want to wait for another port if you lack confidence in the medical care provided there. 

Avoid admitting fault 

Your cruise line may have a passenger injury form available for you to fill out. Be wary of any space on the form that asks you what you might have done to prevent your injury. Cruise lines may slip in a provision like this so they can get you to admit to some kind of fault for your accident. Refusing to answer the question may be of benefit if you decide to litigate your injury later on.