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Who pays for injuries in a rideshare crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Who is responsible for your injuries in a ridesharing accident? That is exactly the type of complex question that the courts exist to answer. 

One of the problems with these types of collisions — commercial vehicle accidents, that is — is that there are so many people involved. It is not just you and the other driver. One case outlined on FindLaw shows just how complicated rideshare crashes can get. 

A baseline of complexity 

The fact is that almost no contemporary auto collision involves just you and one other person. At the very least, you each probably have an insurance company with an opinion about who pays how much. 

If you have a dispute, that means that four parties would be involved. It would be you and the other driver, along with your respective insurers. 

A crowd of conflicting interests 

In a ridesharing crash, your negotiations and litigation are likely to feel more crowded. You would probably be going back and forth with: 

  • The rideshare company 
  • The drivers 
  • Everyone’s insurance companies 
  • Any other potentially liable parties, such as equipment manufacturers, municipal governments and so on 

Each one of these people or companies has a unique set of priorities. They each have something to protect. That type of conversation gets complicated quickly. 

A focus on your goal 

Regardless of who eventually assumes responsibility for your injuries — or whom the court determines is liable — you would probably not be significantly to blame for your rideshare crash. Through all of the complexity and through all of the conflicting messages and opinions, you typically only have one goal. That goal is to get the support you need to make yourself whole again. When you look at your case from that perspective, your best path forward tends to become clearer.