Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Enlist local help after a vacation injury to avoid hurting later

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | Cruise ship accidents |

It was meant to be your time to relax, and now you’re swimming in medical bills instead of that amazing ocean water. Getting hurt while on vacation can pile on the stress, but waiting until you get home may only make things worse.

Hiring a local lawyer could prove a much better option than hiring someone close to home when you need to seek damages you suffered on vacation.

Miami is the place to be

A suit against an individual or business in Miami likely means Florida courts will need to hear the case. This can also ring true for cruise lines, thanks to forum selection clauses in their ticketing contracts. A cruise company based way up the Eastern Seaboard could be negligent for an injury you suffered out at sea, but you may have to bring suit in southern Florida.

Reasons to stay

There are a lot of reasons why staying local could help you process your case:

  • Immediate help: It’s usually best to meet a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. This way, you can get advice on how to proceed, figure out any filings that need to take place and start putting evidence together before the trail runs cold. And you can do it all in person.
  • Local laws: Laws can differ significantly from place to place, so it’s ideal to work with someone who knows how things work where you’ll be filing. You don’t want to be waiting around for an out-of-state lawyer to get up to speed when your court date is looming.
  • Rubbing elbows: Local picks have likely spent years developing relationships with judges, court workers and other lawyers in the areas. They’re often already familiar with which courts will be hearing your case, and how to navigate the local systems.
  • State allowances: Florida generally doesn’t have reciprocity with any other jurisdiction, and so the state could require any visiting lawyer to pass the Florida Bar Examination.

Hiring local can be the right first step toward securing the compensation you deserve. Get a lawyer that knows the area, and you could be that much closer to getting the relief and relaxation you need.