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Which age group is most vulnerable to car crashes?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Should you worry more about your teenager or your parents behind the wheel? While the inexperience of youth and the possibility for medications or medical conditions to impact older drivers’ driving are concerning, there is one group that most frequently involved in fatal crashes.

Drivers in their 20s were involved in more fatal car crashes than any other age group in Florida in 2017. People aged 25 to 29 saw the most fatal accidents, sadly. Why? There could be a few reasons for this trend.

Drugs and alcohol

Florida roads saw 49 fatal car accident victims due to alcohol and 45 due to drugged driving in 2017. While drivers in their 30s in this category saw similar numbers, drivers in their 20s sadly experienced the most fatal accidents involving drugs and alcohol.

Age matters

There are as many licensed drivers in Florida aged 20-29 as there are drivers aged 40-49, making these the third-largest groups of drivers in the state. However, drivers in their 40s don’t have the same fatal car crash levels as drivers half their age. The experience factor could be important here.

It’s likely that drivers in their 20s have less experience commuting around swaths of other drivers in rush hour and inclement weather. Younger drivers are often more likely to fall victim to distracted driving habits like cell phone use that increases their chances for a serious accident.

Young adults should take extra care

Driver’s safety is important to people of all ages, but there are certain populations who are at greater risk than others. Those in their 20s are beginning careers and reaching life’s milestones. It’s always important for them to remember safe driving practices like finding a sober ride after a night out and limiting distractions behind the wheel.