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Act today. Get the legal assistance you need.

Month: June 2020

Three-car collision sees several injured — one dead

Picking up the pieces after an auto accident is hard enough. When an accident involves fatalities, though, it becomes a matter of balancing grief with justice. Many wrongful death collisions may involve a reckless driver hitting someone outside their vehicle. But...

What are common dangerous driving habits that lead to crashes?

Most bad habits simply waste time or annoy other people. Blowing bubbles with and popping your gum loudly, for example, may cause your co-workers to think you’re unprofessional and annoy them but won't have many other real-world consequences. Being so addicted to your...

What are some steps to take after a cruise ship accident?

Going on board a cruise ship should be a time of fun and relaxation. Still, you should prepare for the possibility that you might get hurt during the cruise. While you may never experience a cruise ship accident, it is important to act to preserve your health and your...